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Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting


Invoice Discounting is a form of short-term borrowing in which a company’s accounts receivables (Invoices) are used as a collateral for a loan. Tender Capital Africa advances cash against the due Invoices of an SMME, to enable it to continue its business operations. This allows the SMMEs to pursue production until they are paid.


This financial solution offers the following advantages to SMMEs:

  • Unlocks working capital

  • Improves liquidity

  • Does not require collateral as security

  • Enables SMMEs to retain commercial control over their business

Procurement Finance

Procurement Finance

Procurement Finance is an all-encompassing finance solution aimed to assist SMMEs carry out and service their respective purchase order contracts, specifically contracts that are of a Supply and Delivery nature. This is intended to relieve the SMMEs of the capital-intensive nature of purchase order contracts which require SMMEs to have a large sum of cash to service the obligations of the contracts. This solution may vary from one SMME to another, depending on the SMME and project viability.


Procurement Finance enables the SMMEs to:

  • Retain the awarded tender contract through timeous delivery

  • Participate in larger business transactions

  • Have access to upfront Working Capital

  • To build their business reputation as a successful supplier to public and private sector entities by increasing their rating

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