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  • Which industries does Tender Capital fund?
    Tender Capital funds SMMEs in a variety of industries. The Funding decision is chiefly influenced by the viability of the projects being undertaken by the SMMEs.
  • Does Tender Capital fund start-up companies?
    Tender Capital only financially assists entities with a trading record of one year or more.
  • Can exceptions be made for SMMEs with an annual turnover of less than R1,5 million?"
    Yes, there are special cases where the requirement may be relaxed.
  • What is Tender Capital’s Funding mandate?
    Tender Capital only funds projects/ purchase orders with a minimum commercial value of R250 000 and a maximum of R 2 500 000, 00.
  • How long is the Application-to-Funding disbursement turnaround time.
    Generally, an application-to-funding disbursement turnaround time ranges between three to four weeks depending on project complexity.
  • Does Tender Capital require collateral/security for the Funding advanced to SMMEs?
    No, it does not.

Frequently Asked Questions

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